Institutional Procurement

Looking for mining equipment on a large scale?

How it works

  1. Contact Us to express your interest in purchasing mining equipment.
  2. Fill our Buyer Onboarding Form to outline the details of the equipment that you wish to sell.
  3. Once we receive your buyer onboarding form, we will reach out to you with various quotes on available equipment.
  4. Wild Rose Mining will provide an invoice for your equipment once an agreement has been made as to the models of the machines that you would like.
  5. We will send our banking information or wallet address and await payment.
  6. Wild Rose Mining will arrange logistics for delivery of your equipment.

Quotes + Invoicing

After your buyer onboarding application is received, we will send you various quotes for mining equipment based on your needs. There will be opportunities to negotiate on both the terms of payment and the price of the equipment. Once an agreement is met, Wild Rose Mining will handle the logistics process.