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iPollo B2 Summary

The iPollo B2 is a good upgrade from the previous model, the iPollo B1. The most profitable upgrade is a decrease in power consumption which makes this miner a cost-friendly, yet efficient Bitcoin miner. The miner is also ASIC supported, with the profitable coin being MRR SHA-256. Other profitable coins include NH SHA-256 and DigiByte.  Investors have one algorithm that miners 42 profitable coins. To mine these coins efficiently joining a Bitcoin mining pool such as Antpool, Nicehash, Poolin, SluchPool and ViaBTC is easy with this miner and will increase your chances of solving block puzzles and mining more coins. The SHA-256 is the most popular and safest algorithm to mine with and has no known vulnerabilities. This makes it profitable for any level of Bitcoin miner to set and forget.

iPollo Hash Rate

The iPollo B2 can efficiently run at a hash rate of 110TH/s with an SHA-256 efficiency of 29.5J/T, which makes it a strong competitor with other bigger name brands.

Humitity and Tempurature

This miner is very versatile in its optimal operating conditions. iPollo has set the maximum humidity to be 95% and the maximum temperature to be 45 degrees Celsius. This allows for a wide humidity and temperate range for this miner to operate, which is ideal for any Bitcoin miner from home mining to large-scale container operations.


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Check out the iPollo Official Page: https://ipollo.com

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