Our History

Presented in this timeline are some significant events of our company history.

June 2022

Consensus 2022

Wild Rose Mining attends the Consensus 2022 conference in Austin, Texas

April 2022

BTC 2022

Wild Rose Mining attends BTC2022, working with its partner, Meta-Luban to network with others in the mining community

February 2022

WRM Expands Distribution Network

Through various partnerships, Wild Rose Mining was able to greatly expand its selection and stock of mining hardware

January 2022

Wild Rose Mining Annouces RS63 Series PDUs
BTC: $38239

In January of 2022, Wild Rose Mining breaks into the 3-Phase PDU Market with the release of the RS63 PDU, bringing the cost-per KW distributed to an industry low

December 2021

Wild Rose Mining Announces the RT50 PDU
BTC: $46739

In December of 2021, Wild Rose Mining announces the RT50 Series PDU, the best looking mining PDU on the market

October 2021

Wild Rose Mining Expands its Position in Mining
BTC: $44095

With the largest purchase of ASIC Miners in its history, Wild Rose Mining more than doubles its Bitcoin Hashrate

August 2021

Wild Rose Mining Hires its First Employees
BTC: $41637

To deal with a growing demand for Power Distribution Products and Mining Equipment, WRM hires its first Production Manager

July 2021

Edmonton-Area Farm Finishes Construction

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June 2021

Edmonton-Area Farm Begins Construction
BTC: $37940

With a growing stockpile of mining equipment and a need for electrical capacity, WRM begins construction of a new mining facility in northern Alberta

June 2021

wildrosemining.ca is Created
BTC: $35490

Wild Rose Mining expands to a web presence with the creation of its website and online store

June 2021

China Introduces Sweeping Bans on Mining
BTC: $34937

Despite having “banned” Bitcoin mining in the past, this ban was much more expansive and saw a drop of nearly 50% of the network hashrate as miners dropped off the network

March 2021

SQ Series PDUs are Released
BTC: $56903

The SQ series PDUs were the first product released by WRM that was manufactured in house

Feb 2021

Wild Rose Mining is Founded
BTC: $33072

Wild Rose Mining officially registers as a limited partnership with Noah Cramer and Pierce McWilliams

December 2020

Grassroots Mining Operation Expands
BTC: $19294

With the purchase of 20 Antminer S9s, this was the first expansion into more than just a small in-home mining operation

May 2020

First Antminer S9s are Purchased
BTC: $8620

This date marks the first endeavour into mining taken by WRM’s founders

May 2020

Bitcoin Halving
BTC: $8821

On May 11 2020, Bitcoin’s block reward halves from 12.5 to 6.25 BTC. This date is widely considered to mark the beginning of the 2021 Bull cycle

March 2020

COVID-19 Crash
BTC: $3647

Due to a large liquidity crisis in the broader markets, Bitcoin and nearly all assets tank to multi-year lows

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