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Founded in 2021, Wild Rose Mining has built a name as trusted operator, host, and trusted distributor for ASIC miners in the emerging Canadian Bitcoin Industry.

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  • MicroBT Announces Whatsminer M50 Series at BTC2022

    MicroBT Announces Whatsminer M50 Series at BTC2022

    During Bitcoin 2022, Bitcoin mining rig manufacturer MicroBT shared details on its forthcoming M50 series of Whatsminer machines. In a recorded video played on the mining stage at Bitcoin 2022, Jordan Chen, COO of MicroBT, producer of the Whatsminer series of bitcoin mining rigs, shared details about the company’s new M50 series of miners: the […]

  • Unfused Power Distribution FAQ

    Unfused Power Distribution FAQ

    We tend to receive the most questions from our customers about power distribution units which do not feature internal fusing for each output. This guide is written in hope of answering those questions before they are sent to our contact form. However, if you do have any questions after reading this guide, feel free to […]

  • How to Set up Your Home’s Electrical for Mining

    How to Set up Your Home’s Electrical for Mining

    Introduction During Bitcoin’s infant years, it was relatively easy for anyone to run software on a computer and get hashing. Any old Dell Optiplex with a half decent CPU would have been able mine enough Bitcoin for you to be set for life, assuming you’d held on to it until now. Such times however, are […]